Things to avoid while link building

Link Building is an off page SEO technique. If you want to rank your website on different search engines you must consider link building strategy. What is link building , how to works,  how to do link building on different search engines, how search engine consider link building tactics,

Normally there are lots of ways to generate backlinks but if you want to get better results on search engines you should generate quality backlinks.

To get quality backlinks for your website you need to consider some important factors such as

Publish thin content:

Content is king for every SEO Process. You have to know the content strategy, how to optimize quality content as per users and search engines algorithms based. Google understands user engagements while using how users interact with your content and how much time they spend on your page. That means if no one is reading your content google automatically creates it's thin content.

So Focus on quality content as per user readable content format.

Building irrelevant links

Relevant means if you are a digital marketer you have your own blog site, acquiring a backlink from health sites and fitness blogs is just a bad for seo process.

Generate links  from no indexing domain:

I would like to share no indexing link information. No indexing link means google not indexed that site. While building backlinks you must consider that type of backlink. So no need to build this type of backlinks.

Link Exchanging

Google hates buying links. Search engines will easily identify your bought links. Google will allow people to report bought links. To be safe just avoid buying links.

According to Brian Dean, link building is an important ranking factor. Moreover it takes time and requires patience.

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